How do I remove the bearing?
Remove the caps first by twisting counterclockwise. Then use a standard U.S. quarter or similar size coin to remove the bearing enclosure cap (counterclockwise). Flip spinner around and the bearing will drop out.

What should I use to clean my bearing?
Use ONLY 91%+ ISO Alcohol. However, most dirt/particles can be easily removed by blowing through the bearing with compressed air or a hairdryer on cool.

How should I clean my bearings?
Please refer to instructions/warranty card here.

How often should I clean/maintain my bearing?
Clean when you notice grinding/scratching sounds and/or decreased spin time. The stainless steel bearings Valkyrie uses require no routine maintenance.

Is there in break-in period?
Yes, the break-in period for the bearings we use is about 1-4 weeks, depending on frequency of usage and your individual bearing. For the first few days, your bearing may sound and feel different than usual, this is normal and expected.

Do I need to do anything special to break-in the bearings?
Nope, keep dust/debris out and just use it as you would normally. Clean when dirty.

What lube/lubricant should I use for my bearing?
Valkyrie's OEM bearings are dry bearings. We recommend that you NEVER use any lubricants.

How often should I replace my bearing?
When your spin time decreases to the point it’s no longer a joy to use and cleaning is no longer helping, it’s time to put in new bearings. With proper care, our OEM stainless steel bearings can last many months of daily use, even years. We’ve even included an extra bearing in every box for when that time comes.

Where can I find replacement finger caps/buttons?
Here. (Link coming soon!)

Where can I find replacement bearings?

There are minor machining marks on my Valkyrie, what should I do?
Due to the intricacy of the original Valkyrie’s design, the final brush finishing process must be done manually at this time. While our technicians do their best, it’s difficult for the large power tool we use to reach the tight corners, so the finishing process cannot always be perfect. However, rest assured that every spinner is measured and weighed after to ensure perfect balance and performance, and the leftover machining marks should eventually fade out with regular use.

If you’re really bothered by the marks, they can be very carefully sanded down using fine-grain sandpaper; following the direction of the brush finish. However, this is NOT recommended.

There’s suddenly a loud/abnormal noise coming from my Valkyrie. What’s happening?
This is likely caused by loose finger caps or bearing enclosure cap. Simply tighten to fix the issue. If the problem persists, clean your bearings thoroughly.

My Valkyrie "wobbles"! What should I do?
Again, the most common cause for this is a mis-seated bearing, loose finger buttons and/or bearing enclosure cap. Make sure everything is properly tightened with your hands and you should be good to go.

If you feel a "wobble"/vibration only when you’re rotating axis of the spinner during spin, this is normal. This feeling is more commonly known as "gyroscopic pull", and is an inherent and desirable characteristic of R188 bearings and dual-bar spinners.

However, if you spinner is unable to be balanced on the pad of your thumb (while spinning) or cannot spin for more than 3 minutes out of the box, please contact us at with your name and order/warranty number.

I broke my Valkyrie in half! Can I have another one?
Whoa, how did you manage to do that? All authentic Valkyrie devices are covered by our signature unconditional lifetime warranty, so yes, of course.

What is my warranty number?
Unless you have been given a specially assigned warranty number directly by us (or officially authorized re-seller), your warranty number is simply your original order number.

I read that the Valkyrie is manufactured in China, should I be concerned about the quality?
The Valkyrie is indeed machined by our partner workshop in Hong Kong. However, there is absolutely no compromise on quality since CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machining itself is a fully automated process. In fact, the 5-axis CNC machines we use for production are superior in both precision and versatility than the 3-axis machines found in most domestic machine shops.

What's your return policy/exchange?
Contact us directly to file a return/exchange within 21 days of purchase, then return the product as instructed, and we'll take care of the rest. That's it. Easy.

You can read more about our return/exchange/warranty policy & process by clicking the "RETURNS" link at the bottom of any page.

I have a question that hasn’t been answered in this Q&A, or regarding my order, who can I reach out to?
You can contact our awesome customer care team directly at! We’ll always do our best to reply within 24 hours.

The Valkyrie is my first metal spinner, how do I use it?
Check out these handy beginner's tutorials we made for you: