TL;DR: Two days ago, we discovered by accident that the Cerakote on our colored Valkyrie Mk II models in this 1st batch may not have been properly applied. They’ve been temporarily removed from inventory and will be completely redone professionally in the U.S. before returning to shelves. If you already own a navy blue or maroon red Mk II, don’t worry, we are offering compensation/resolution options to you for the error (please scroll down for details).

Hello Friends,

As many of you know, we pride ourselves in being an honest company, and part of being an honest company is being upfront and owning up to our mistakes.

While moving inventory this past Sunday, we accidentally dropped an open box of Valkyrie Mk II's. When they were picked up, we noticed the Cerakote coating on the corner of a maroon red unit had chipped off. Having performed extensive Cerakote durability tests during prototyping without any notable issues, this immediately caught our attention and prompted an investigation.

After some tests and an audit of our workshop production logs, we discovered that due to lack of familiarity with Cerakote, our technicians may have performed a step in the pre-treatment process inadequately before applying the final coating. Even though it was a minor step, it appears to have reduced the Cerakote's ability to properly bond to the spinner's stainless steel body as intended. While there is no way to accurately determine how prevalent this issue is without attempting to purposefully damage all Cerakote units, the problem seems to have affected mostly the navy blue and maroon red models, and isolated to only a part of the batch.

However, regardless of how prevalent the problem may be, such inconsistencies simply do not meet our quality standards, and sweeping it under the carpet quietly is just not how we do things around here. We have now temporarily halted sales of all Cerakoted Mk II models, and they will be discontinued until this incident is fully resolved and quality is brought up to standards.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused! If you plan to purchase or currently own a Cerakote colored Valkyrie Mk II, please read on.

How do you plan to fix the current/remaining inventory?
All Cerakoted Mk II units are undergoing removal from our fulfillment partner's warehouse to be stripped then properly re-coated. To ensure quality and prevent further mistakes, they will be re-done piece by piece at an experienced professional Cerakote/metal coating shop in Virginia, right here in the USA.

After these units have been properly prepped, re-coated and cured, they will be inspected, repackaged, and then restocked once everything is satisfactory.

When will they be back in stock?
We do not have a timeline for this process yet since it’s such a recent and unexpected incident, but we speculate somewhere between ~2-4 weeks before they will be available again.

I already own a colored Valkyrie Mk II. How will I be taken care of?
First off, we are truly sorry to not have caught this earlier! These issues did not exist with the prototype units, or else we would not have released the final products. We hope you can understand and forgive us for this mishap.

After considering our inability to identify which units are actually affected, current financial capacity, and our international customers, we’ve decided to offer all customers who currently own red, blue, or black Mk II’s the following 2 options:
  1. Keep your Mk II(s) and receive a no-strings-attached 20% refund of your original purchase price in the form of store credit/gift card (fully transferable; works for any order; no expiration date), regardless of whether your unit is affected (please don’t try to deliberately damage your spinner). If you accept this offer, there is no need to take any further action; we will be automatically sending you a credit redemption code by email in 1 week (your unit’s standard lifetime functional warranty will not be affected).
  1. Send your Mk II unit(s) back to us to be re-coated with the rest of the batch. If you choose this option, you will need to email us IMMEDIATELY at with your order number + title [Cerakote Mk II Resolution #2] for further instructions. Then send your unit(s) to be delivered to us by no later than noon next Tuesday (12PM PST08/08/2017). The entire process is expected to take ~2-4 weeks, and is a one-time only offer. We will pay for the return shipping back to you, but you will have to cover postage to us. If we do not hear receive your request for an exchange by 08/03/2017, resolution for your unit(s) will default to option 1. Please note: per request of the Cerakote shop we're contracting, we will not be able to accept units with dents or significant damage to the steel body.

If you decide that you no longer want your Mk II, you always have the option of contacting us to start a regular return; just send the product back to us in its original condition for a full refund. We would greatly appreciate it if the return can be delivered to us by 08/08/2017 :)

How bad is the problem?
Initial tests indicate this issue only impacts the coating's resistance to chipping when dropped on hard surfaces (by roughly 30-40%), but can be fully protected by the included Mk II canvas pouch. The Cerakote's ability to withstand minor surface scratches from normal wear doesn’t seem to be affected.

To give you a better idea, dropping the Mk II from waist height (~3ft/0.9m) on concrete will likely not produce any noticeable chipping in the coating, but dropping from chest height (~5ft/1.5) will cause small chips in the areas of direct impact (of course, your results may vary depending on the surface hardness and how it’s dropped).

Pictures below show damage sustained on a red Mk II drop tested once from a height of 6ft/1.8m on to a concrete sidewalk.


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