Happy Friday, everyone!

We are now extremely close to the official first release of our long anticipated Valkyrie Mark II (mini)! As some of you may have heard, we had recently ran into a small unexpected delay, but we are happy to announce that it has been resolved and are back on track! 

The Mk II will be in stock and ready to ship on 07/25/2017, but in keeping with our promise, we will be begin PRE-SALES on Monday at noon (12PM PST; 07/17/2017) on our official product page here as expected.

Additionally, as our little apology for the delay and to show appreciation for your continued support, all Mk II PRE-ORDERS made between 07/17 - 07/24 will enjoy a 10% discount off the original price :)



Where do I go for pre-orders?
Our official product page here:

Why does the product link say "PAGE NOT FOUND"?
The product page has not been published yet! The link will be active on07/17/2017 when pre-sales begin.

What variations/finishes/colors will be available in this first batch?

  • Original brushed Stainless Steel
  • Original brushed Brass (limited to 50 units this batch)
  • Full sandblasted SS (great base for custom coating/coloring)
  • Matte jet black Cerakote SS
  • Matte navy blue Cerakote SS
  • Matte maroon red Cerakote SS

What's the price?
Price will be revealed when pre-sale begins on 07/17.
(Yes, the Mk II will be priced lower than our original Valkyrie)

Will I need to enter a code for the pre-sale discount?
Nope, the price will be adjusted accordingly to ensure the discount is applied for everyone.

Can I order internationally?
Of course! The Mk II will ship worldwide. We even got it CE certified to prevent potential customs issues for our UK & EU customers.

Will the Mk II come with a lifetime warranty like the original Valkyrie?
Yup. We firmly believe in standing behind our products, so no worries there.

Will the Mk II replace the original Valkyrie?!
Nope, the Mark II is the mini version of the original Valkyrie. The original Valkyrie is here to stay!

What caused the delay for the release?
We ran into a small issue with the accessory we have decided to include in the Valkyrie Mk II package, and had to re-manufacture everything again from scratch (the accessory; no issues with the spinners). Simultaneously, we had also experienced another unexpected delay with the CE certification process. However, we have overcome these little hurdles, and everything will be good to go by next week.

What's this accessory I keep hearing about?
If you must know... It is a custom made canvas carrying pouch for the Valkyrie Mk II. It will be included as part of every Mk II package, as well as sold separately on our accessories page :)

This little guy right here:

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