VALKYRIE Mark II First Looks + Batch #3 Update + More


Meet Valkyrie Mark II, Valkyrie's long awaited little brother. He's the ultra fidgetable, ultra pocketable, ultra compact version of our beloved original Valkyrie.

The Valkyrie Mk II has all the smooth spins, quietness, and signature curves of the original, with minimized gyroscopic pull/speed loss during axis rotation, concave finger buttons/caps and a perfect finish. Carved out of solid 100% stainless steel blocks using the same state of the art 5-axis CNC machine as the original, using manually modified and improved code.

Currently under production, and will be available in classic brushed finish + 3 sandblasted, Cerakoted, matte color options.

Original design by us, based on community input and feedback from users like you (thank you!) 🙂



2. Original Valkyrie Batch #3

  • Production will be done by end of this week. QC will follow shortly after, and we are expecting to be back in stock in ~2 weeks! (We had a little delay due to the design change decisions made midway through the production cycle, but everything is back to normal now.)
  • We modified our original triangular accent design, and completely eliminated the corner finish issue for this new batch. The Valkyrie now has a consistently perfect brushed finish; no more remaining machine marks or blemishes (finally)!
  • We have rounded the inner edges of the Valkyrie, and have eliminated all hot spots (see picture below), and made a few more minor changes to the packaging.
  • These modifications have also been applied to the upcoming Mk II. Read more about this on the Mk II project page.
  • FLASH SALE: We will be having a 25% off flash sale for the last 10 Valkyrie units from batch #2 that we had originally saved for warranty (they're all new). The sale will start tomorrow 06/21/2017 at noon (12:00PM PST), and will be on a first come, first serve basis.



3. CE Certification + Euro Partner?

  • The EU & UK has recently passed a regulation that requires all imported fidget spinners to be CE certified.
  • So of course, the Valkyrie, Valkyrie Mk II, and all spinners we make from this batch on will be CE certified in compliance to new Euro regulations.
  • No need to worry about having your order confiscated by customs; we got you 😎
  • Additionally, a lot of our European friends have been dreading the slow international delivery times/cost, and we hear you! So we have been in talks with a U.K based online spinner retailer becoming our official European re-seller. If and when this becomes a reality, shipping for our European customers will be much faster and more affordable!
  • ^We'll keep you updated!

4. More

  • Our much anticipated tri-bar design is almost finished! And boy, we really outdid ourselves. We'd love to give you a sneak peak, but unfortunately, that is going to have to wait until we file our patent on it (seriously). All I can say for now is: tritium (or better), adjustable weight, adjustable size, two tone color options. It's going to be a game-changer.
  • The spinner community's favorite store, Spinetic is now our first authorized re-seller and an official partner of ours!Feel free to purchase our products through with confidence!
  • Future Spinetic x Alpha-Bot Industries collaboration? ...We'll see ;)
  • Survey Giveaway Winner - As promised, we have randomly selected a giveaway winner from those of you who had participated in survey last month for our new tri-bar. We had emailed our winner last Friday, but have not yet gotten a response back.
  • Our winner's initials are K.C., and has a Gmail email address that ends in the numbers 88.
  • K.C., if you're reading this, buddy, please email us back ASAP at with your full name and address to confirm. Unfortunately, if we do not hear back from you by the end of this week (06/25), we will have to choose a new winner :/

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