• Batch #3 will be released 07/07/2015 at noon (12PM PST)
  • Free domestic shipping for all Valkyrie orders!
    Orders ship starting Monday, 07/10/2017
  • Important notice for UK & EU customers (please read on)
  • Production for Valkyrie Mk II is now officially complete! Currently awaiting packaging and CE compliant labeling. Projected release date: Monday, 07/17/2017 (subject to change)


When is the release?
Sale begins Friday at noon (07/07/2015; 12PM PST).

NOTE: Orders made between Friday (07/07) and Sunday (07/09) will be sent out on Monday (07/10).

Will there be an order limit this time?
There will no longer be a per order limit. However, by popular request, this round of production will be released in two batches, one week apart. So if you miss the drop this week, no worries, you'll have another chance next Friday :)

Where do I go to order?

I heard improvements have been made for this batch! Is this true?
Yup, we have made minor design changes to fix the surface finish issue we have been experiencing (see picture below). Every Valkyrie spinner now has a perfectly even brushed finish! Additionally, we have smoothed out all remaining "hot-spots" and corners for even better fidgetability.

NOTE: Photos on our official Valkyrie product page have not yet been updated to reflect batch #3 changes.


The Valkyrie is currently undergoing CE certification in compliance with new EU regulations. However, due to the recent surge of companies applying for CE testing for their products, this process is taking a few days longer than expected.

What does this mean for me?
If you're an EU or UK customer planning to order the Valkyrie this week (07/07-07/09), we advise that you do NOT choose expedited shipping at checkout, and use only USPS First Class International. This is to ensure that our CE certificates will be completed and active before your order reaches customs inspection of your respective country.

This notice is TEMPORARY, and applies ONLY to international orders to the UK or EU made this week. CE certification for the Valkyrie will be completed by next week.

We now have an official online retail partner in the UK! This means our European customers will soon be able to order the Valkyrie, Valkyrie Mk II, and our upcoming designs without having to wait 2+ weeks for delivery. Give us about two more weeks to work out the remaining details; more info coming soon! :D


What's done?

Machining, finishing, Cerakote coloring, laser engraving, weight balance, assembly, testing, quality control, and packaging design.

What's left to do?
Packaging, CE compliant labeling, logistics, fulfillment warehouse check-in, final inspection, and inventory processing.

Anything new?
Yes! Aside from original brushed finish and the 3 Cerakote color options, the Valkyrie Mk II will now also come in brass (limited to 50 units and original brushed finish only for first production run), as well as sandblasted finish for those who love that flat/matte stainless steel look and/or looking to add custom color/finish.

When will it be available?
Our current projected release date is Monday, 07/17/2017. However, depending on logistics, this date is subject to change.

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