Surprise! We’re happy to announce that we have finished scaling up production capacity and are now roughly a week ahead of schedule for our second batch of the Valkyrie!

Additionally, due to high community demand, we have decided to finally setup pre-orders for our second batch of the Valkyrie. Please sign up for our official mailing list, and we will make sure to keep everyone posted when pre-orders are open (in about two weeks).

Lastly, as many of you know, we had a really poor experience with Amazon’s fulfillment services recently with losing our inventory and cancelling customer orders without informing us. While we were able to get the cancellation issue resolved fairly quickly ourselves, we have already ran into two more issues with Amazon. One of which is regarding Amazon warehouse employees opening our Valkyrie boxes and subsequently losing the extra bearing included (we suspect; still investigating); the other being Amazon not honoring free domestic shipping for all non-Prime customers, despite that the Valkyrie meets all of their eligibility requirements for free shipping (fulfilled in-house by Amazon + $35+ minimum).

In light of all of this, we have decided to team up with an independent Portland based logistics company as our primary fulfillment partner from now on, for both domestic and international orders. Subsequently, we will be setting up direct ordering options on our own website soon, so that we can have complete control over the fulfillment process. However, we still plan to keep our Amazon listing open and running as a secondary fulfillment channel until further notice.

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