We have sincerely loved being an active part of the spinner community, but in order for us to grow, all good things must come to an end to make way for the better. So starting today, we are retiring our beloved Valkyrie Mk II (see Q&A below for why).

To show our appreciation for all the love you have given us, the Valkyrie Mk II will be on SALE for only $20 each (+FREE shipping for 1 day*) from now until Sunday (08/03 - 08/05/18). After, the price of any remaining Mk II's will be greatly discounted to only $24 until sold out.

Valkyrie Mk II now discontinued & on final SALE:
    08/03 - $20 SALE price + FREE shipping
    • 08/04-05 - $20 SALE price
    • 08/06 & after - $24 until sold out






FREE domestic shipping for Valkyrie Mk II & all orders over $11 (automatic)
FREE international shipping for all orders over $65 with discount code: TAKEFLIGHT

Offer Ends Midnight PST 08/03/18



After discontinuing and selling out our original Valkyrie, we’ve received a surprising amount of fan mail asking us to reconsider. We thank all of you for writing to us, but after lots of deliberation, we've decided to uphold the decision.

With that said, we'd like to take this chance to offer you our truthful explanation, as well as address a few other common questions:


Why did we decide to discontinue our Valkyrie spinners?

This is a hard answer to publicize, but we have always prided ourselves on being a transparent and honest brand, so here are our two main, very honest reasons:

1. Since the overall decline of the spinner market this year, we can no longer move inventory fast enough to justify the cost of continued production and warehousing (our inventory space is rented from our fulfillment partner). Despite what many people assume, machining quality spinners individually is actually an incredibly expensive process. One of the only reasons we have been able to sell the Valkyrie under $50 vs. the $100+ MSRP of most other quality brands was due to our high order volume. Without maintaining this volume, production costs charged by our workshop and logistics partner alone now nearly exceeds the retail price we’ve set, which makes little sense for us for us to continue.

2. We have been silently working towards a very ambitious and challenging new product, as well as exploring some smaller side projects. Developing an original product is a grueling process that cost lots of money and attention. Our involvement the spinner community launched us as a brand, and we appreciate the hell out of all of you for your love and support that have carried us thus far. However, Alpha-Bot Industries was created with a vision of innovation to serve the wider EDC community, so in the big picture, it's more important for us to invest our limited resources and focus in R&D instead of maintenance at this early stage of our growth, even if it's risky.

What happened to the tri-bar spinner design? And new button series?

The modular tri-bar – when we made the initial decision to withdraw our focus from the spinner market earlier this year, we sold the design unbranded and in its entirety to another once top spinner brand under conditions of confidentiality. So unfortunately, we cannot reveal the buyer’s identity, or the actual design. Even though the design was completely finished and ready to be made, it was sadly never put into production before the company exited the game. Looking back, we wish we had just done a limited production run ourselves through pre-orders instead, especially given all the awesome proprietary engineering we’ve invested into it – including a 2 in 1 interchangeable size system consisting of a mini inner tri-bar main body + a bigger outer hollow tri-bar frame that can be used separately, or locked together via a mechanical mechanism, add-on adjustment weights, glue-less/changeable tritium slots w/ included glow-in-the-dark plastic placeholders... but this is all we can say without violating our non-disclosure agreement.

The new button series – these designs have also been finished as we promised for quite a while now, but once again, due to our decision to pull away from the spinner market, it never made sense for us to put them into production. However, since we never sold these designs nor have the intention of making them now, we figured why not reveal them for the first time now. So, here they are, with short description of features:


Large (original Valkyrie size) two piece button with dual proprietary glue-less, removable, mechanical locking tritium slots system.
 Rough 3D rendering of top piece of above button design.
Small (Valkyrie Mk II size) two piece button with single proprietary glue-less, removable, mechanical locking tritium slot system.
 Rough 3D rendering of top piece of above button design.
Tool tightening, functionally slip-free, extra grippy buttons. Left: Designed to be tightened with a standard size hex-key. Right: Designed to be tightened with coins.
Deep ergonomic buttons. Top: Provides the deepest grip possible & designed to comfortably fit most thumb/finger tips. Bottom: Low profile alternative w/ ergonomically raised grooves for extra grip. 

What’s next for Alpha-Bot Industries?

The elephant in the room—we have been quiet, we know, but we’ve been busy. We have been silently working at the early stages of researching and developing a very audacious new original product. We are currently in the concept and idea validation stages. While things look pretty good so far, this is the beginning. So it may still be a long while before we can reveal anything tangible given the complexity/scale of the project, even if everything go as planned. Additionally, we just don’t want to present something half-baked or risk our original design being ripped off before it can be made. This product will not fit in your pocket, but it is within the “broad” EDC product category, but that’s all we are going to say for now :)

Aside from pursuing this ambitious main project, we have recently also began to explore the possibility of taking on other smaller side projects/products during this large time-frame to “fill in the gaps”, as well as to create additional funding to support the main project. We haven’t decided on anything just yet, but we will be sure to keep everyone updated once we start taking on these smaller projects (and we are always open to suggestions). Stay tuned!


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